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Tired of spending money on bank checks? Or keeping track of your checkbook?
Write and organize checks simply! Check Writer allows you to print checks at home directly from your phone. No more ordering checks from your bank! Have fun saving money and time with the Check Writer app. The best part - it’s free!

Easy to use

No need to create an account in the app! Just install Check Writer, create a checkbook, and start printing checks at home for free!

To get started

To start printing checks you need:
  • • US bank account
  • • Your smartphone or tablet
  • • Printer
  • Blank check paper

The App Features


Print Checks at Home

Use your home printer to print checks quickly from your phone


Free Unlimited Checks

Print any number of checks for free with no limits and no strings attached!


Save & Organize Checks

Your checks will be organized and stored locally and securely on your phone


Support Multiple Layouts

The app supports printing business and personal checks


Write Checks Fast

The app converts the amount from numbers to words automatically to make accuracy easy


Protect Your Data

Your financial info is stored locally on your phone and will never be uploaded to the cloud!


Setup Bank Account

Add your bank account and routing numbers in the app to setup your account (one time setup only)


Write & Print a Check

Fill in the check info such as payee, date, and amount. Then print the check on blank check paper


Sign The Check

Sign the printed check and give it to the payee. It’s that simple!


Enjoy & Rate Check Writer!

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Download Check Writer

Install Check Writer on your iPhone or Android device and start printing checks today for free!

What Our Customers Say

We thank all our awesome testimonials! There are thousands of our happy customers!
Let's see what others say about Check Writer app!

Use the app to fill in your bank account and check details. Then, print the check using your printer and blank check paper. After you sign the check, you’re good to go!
You’ll need a US bank account, phone or tablet (for the app), printer, and blank check paper (personal or business size).
If you have an existing check, your routing and account information will be located on the bottom. If not, log in to your online bank account site to access these two numbers. The app includes these directions. If you are still having trouble, contact your bank directly.
You can print checks with almost any printer and ink. However, it is recommended to use magnetic ink. Most new check readers are optical and don’t require magnetic ink. In the age of mobile check deposits, where users snap a picture of a check to make a deposit, the need for magnetic ink is decreasing. However, some checks still go through traditional magnetic readers. If you print a check without magnetic ink, and the check passes through a magnetic reader, then the check has to be processed manually, which can result in fees or slower processing.
To ensure that banks will accept the printed checks, we recommend using blank check paper. Although you can print the checks on regular paper, they may be rejected by a financial institution. Blank check paper is inexpensive and available online, from vendors like Amazon. Check out the options here. Before ordering, check to make sure the blank check paper does not include any pre-printed symbols or symbol placeholders in the MICR line at the bottom of the check. These symbols will overlap with printed information and can cause issues when checks are validated by banks.
Some banks allow customers to write checks using their savings account, in which case the app would work for you. You’ll need to confirm if your bank allows it before printing from a savings account.
Yes, you will just have to prepare each check separately and save it to Checkbook. After that, go to Checkbook and select all checks that you want to print, then click print.
To add a signature, you will need to print the check on blank check paper and then sign the paper check. The app doesn't currently support signing the check on the phone but we are considering adding that in future releases.
The blank check paper already has the back of the check printed, so you won’t need to take any extra steps.
You can add a wireless printer from the phone settings. The exact steps may vary depending on your phone. Visit this page for Android and this for iOS for the most common step by step instructions. Keep in mind that the printer and phone must be connected to the same WiFi network for wireless printing to work.
For the best printing results, please make sure that:
• The correct paper size (letter size) is selected
• No scaling is applied in print settings and it is using the "actual size"
• Borderless printing is enabled in print settings
• On Android devices, the default print service does not support borderless printing. So please make sure that you install the official print service for your printer brand. To see all available print services on Google Play Store, please check this page. To see more details about installing HP Print Service Plugin for HP printers, please check this page. Alternatively, you can install the Mopria Print Service from Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, or Mopria website
• We do our best to ensure that checks align well on paper without any manual adjustments. But because of the different types of paper and printers available, sometimes manual adjustment is needed. To do that, simply go to Settings > Print Settings to make the necessary corrections
Yes! Simply save the prepared checks as a PDF file, then transfer the file to your computer and print from there. To save the prepared checks as PDF:
• On Android: Click Print then tap the drop-down menu that says “Select a printer”, and choose "Save as PDF" to save the PDF file to your device
• On iPhone/iPad: Click Print then pinch into the preview of the printable document as if you want to zoom in on it. When the document opens as a PDF, tap on the Share button then select "Save to Files" to save the PDF file to your device
Some PDF reader programs, like Adobe Reader, render text incorrectly which makes the text look a bit too bold. If that happens, try using a different PDF reader program to print the PDF file.
Simply go to Settings > Customize Checks. Then try to decrease the font size or change its type.
Check Writer supports both personal and business size checks. Just make sure that you update the check size in the app to match the paper size.
The app supports all common layouts including check on top, check on middle, check on bottom, and three checks per page. To adjust the layout, please go to Settings > Print settings > Print format and select the layout that matches the check paper that you are using.
Sign the check, just like you would any other paper check, and give it to the payee. It’s that simple!
Yes! To print blank checks, you may want to disable using “today's date” as the default in the app settings.
Check writer only supports printing on blank check paper. It doesn't support printing of pre-printed checks.
All of your information is stored locally on your phone. Your information will never be uploaded to the cloud or stored on a Check Writer server!
The app works in any country, but currently, you can only cash checks for US bank accounts.
If you have any other questions, suggestions, or feedback, don't hesitate to contact us. If you like the app, please leave us a review on the Android or iOS app page!

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